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Drugs are not the solution they are a faulty escape.

Of course not every drug will kill you after the first time of use, nor will you become addicted immediately with all types of drugs.  The thing to remember with drugs is you are no longer in control! Anytime you are using drugs you lose the capability to think and react to situations clearly.

Not every time will call for you to think clearly, but what about the day you are babysitting your younger sibling and are so high they get seriously injured and you are too impaired to help.

Drugs grab hold of their users and although many say, “I can quit anytime I want I just don’t have a reason to quit” they fail to see how trapped they are.  They start making excuses why they won’t quit today, but after a long time of use they won’t quit tomorrow either.

Reasons for Drug Use

There are a variety of reasons for drug use.  Some just want to try what if feels like, others want to put their problems behind them, and some just like becoming more sociable.  No matter what the reason is it is still illegal and causes many health issues, problems with school and loss of control; you are no longer in the driver’s seat but still have to face the consequences of actions taken while on drugs.

Everyone Does Drugs

Some people may become convinced that drugs are normal and that everyone tries or does drugs.

In reality drug use among 10th graders is less than 1/5th.

You may argue that drugs are not a big deal if there are few who use illicit drugs; however, studies show those who start using drugs at a young age are more likely to stay addicted.

Drug use also contributes to people’s decisions to commit crimes. People on drugs at the time of drug use are more likely to engage in crime. In fact, two out of every three arrestees tested positive for drugs in the system at time of arrest according to Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring sites.  Think about it if you can’t think clearly are you really going to act rationally and make great choices?

Don’t become a statistic

In 2009 there were 3,332 arrests for drug violations do not become one of the thousands that choose to destroy their life and record with drug use.

Although the percentage of usage is somewhat low, there is a drug related death every 15 minutes in the US.

If you know someone who needs help or is trafficking drugs in your school contact Crime Stoppers.

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    Arrests: 648,199
    Cases Cleared: 986,938
    Awarded Amount: $100,805,155

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