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Rethink your choice of drink.

Alcohol is one of the number one promoters for violence, sex assault, and fatal car accidents.

How Alcohol Effects Your Body

Alcohol first acts as a stimulant, and then it makes people feel relaxed and a bit sleepy.

Even moderate amounts of alcohol consumption seriously affect judgment and coordination. Drinkers may become confused, depressed, and have slow reaction times.

Drinking a lot in a short period of time may cause alcohol poisoning.

Slippery Slope

Teens and youth who use alcohol can become psychologically dependent upon it to feel good, deal with life, or handle stress.  The more youth drinks and the more often a person drinks causes their bodies to need more and more to achieve the same kind of experience as they did in the beginning. The more you drink at a younger age the more likely you are to become addicted later on.

Honestly who wants to hire a drunk?  Alcoholism affects your life if you ever want a job, keep real friends, or live a healthy life.

Stay in Control Don’t Drink Alcohol

  • If you go to a party, participate in activities that do not require alcohol.
  • If you feel depressed or think you need alcohol to escape your issues turn to a counselor
  • If you just want more excitement and fun you do not need alcohol; take up a legal hobby.
  • If you see incidents of alcohol on school grounds report it to a teacher or Crime Stoppers


  • :: Crime Stoppers Stats ::

    Arrests: 648,199
    Cases Cleared: 986,938
    Awarded Amount: $100,805,155

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