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Victim Services

If you or somebody that you know has been a victim of a crime, it may be difficult to cope with the emotional struggles that may be faced from being a victim.  First and foremost, if you are having issues dealing with victimization, consult your local Law Enforcement agency’s website to obtain valuable information on Victim Services.

With being a citizen of the United States, you have rights.  With being a victim of a crime you also have rights, and this is something that is commonly forgotten.  Make sure that you know the rights that you have as a victim.  Victims of crime in Colorado are guaranteed certain basic rights by the Victim Rights Act in the Constitution of Colorado [24-4.1-302(1) C.R.S.].  Below is more information on what those rights are, what crimes are covered by the Victim’s Rights Act, and the role of various criminal justice agencies in insuring those rights.

  •  To be informed of and present for all “critical stages” of the criminal justice process (victims of crime must request notification, in writing, for post-sentencing critical stages);
  • To be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse;
  • To be informed about what steps can be taken if there is any intimidation or harassment by a person accused or convicted of the crime or anyone acting on the person’s behalf;
  • To be present at specified critical stages in the criminal justice process;
  • To be present and heard regarding bond reduction or modification, acceptance of a plea agreement, sentencing or modification of a sentence;
  • To consult with the district attorney prior to any disposition of the case or before the case goes to trial and to be informed of the final disposition of the case.
  • To be informed of the status of the case and any scheduling changes or cancellations, if known in advance.
  • To prepare a Victim Impact Statement and to be present and/or heard at the sentencing hearing;
  • To have the courts determine restitution and to be informed of the right to pursue a civil judgment against the person convicted of the crime;
  • To prevent any party at any court proceeding from compelling testimony regarding a victim’s address, telephone number, place of employment or other locating information;
  • To receive a prompt return of the victim’s property when no longer needed as evidence;
  • To be informed of the availability of financial assistance and community services;
  • To be provided with appropriate employer intercession services regarding court appearances and meetings with criminal justice officials

Additional rights and services are provided to child victims or witnesses. Law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges are encouraged to designate one or more individuals to try to assure the child and their family’s understand the legal proceedings and have support and assistance to deal with the emotional impact of the crime and the subsequent criminal proceedings.

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City Attorney- 720 865 8600
District Attorney- 303 913 9000

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